He usually wears a standard Marine cap and sports a crimson, double-breasted suit, decorated wit… Follow. Akainu launches an attack, but Gear Fourth Luffy quickly dodges, returning fire with a Kong Gun. Luffy has infinite gear 4 Rules: win by death Location: Dressrosa Distance: 25m Can the duo manage to take on one of the navy's greatest forces? At Marineford, Akainu is absolutely determined to kill Luffy, even if it means letting other pirates escape. I respect your opinion, I just don't think it's nearly as fitting, overall. Who better than Akainu? AndayGeorge realized his amitious project by drawing 18 pages of Monkey D. Luffy vs Akainu fight. Luffy vs Akainu. Luffy is a lot stronger now. In my experience, most of the reasons people give for wanting Sabo instead simply don’t make sense. View Entire Discussion (10 Comments) More posts from the OnePiece community. Welcome to r/OnePiece, the community for Eiichiro Oda's manga and anime series One Piece. 2 years ago. Akainu continues fighting Whitebeard and Whitebeard Pirates until Luffy was with the help of his allies was able to save Ace from his execution. Same goes regarding Blackbeard, in Dressrosa. Luffy throbs at his chest in pain when Akainu is mentioned, Akainu is absolute justice where Luffy is natural morality, BB and Yonko Commanders then Akainu and admirals will be the EOS fights after Elbaf where Luffys masters Conquerers IMO. It's just that I think that for all the reasons I stated in my post, Luffy vs Akainu is WAY more likely, if not set in stone (like Blackbeard vs Luffy). Luffy will be the pirate king. When they realized that it wouldn't happen for a while, they striked up a conversation. Akainu wants to kill Luffy. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It’s a Pirate manga and the strongest Pirate is all but guaranteed to face the strongest Marine. If you've just set sail with the Straw Hat Pirates, be wary of spoilers on this subreddit! • Luffy vs Akainu ( Sabo is also possible , but anyway , continue to other matchups ) • Zoro vs Kizaru • Sanji + Jinbe vs Ryokugyu • Franky vs Chaton • Robin vs Momousagi • Nami vs Tsuru • Chopper vs John Giant When Luffy becomes yonko level, I actually think Luffy will shiit on Akainu so fking hard and at the same time letting him survive so Akainu will realize that all pirates arent bad. Naturally. He lunged at Luffy and each of them matched each other punch for punch with their armament haki fists. Akainu vs Luffy is one of the most anticipated fights of the whole series since Luffy wants revenge for Ace’s death. I'm guessing that after Raftel Luffy will learn a lot about the void century and it's all the fault of the World Government. If you are talking about a scene like where Akainu in a vulnerable state on Luffy's mercy l don't think he would kill him but if they were in the situation where Akainu is a threat to his friends or other people l doubt he will hold anything back after Ace. While Luffy was being carried away, Akainu decided to kill him. The Scenario :Luffy Law and Sabo have tracked Akainu to Punk Hazard, and and are intent on killing him to take revenge for Ace's death. Sabo vs Akainu, Luffy vs Blackbeard. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. To me, Akainu seems an opponent that is pretty much almost set in stone for Luffy, just like Blackbeard. Current version of Luffy and Sabo. It’s one of the few that’s pretty much a given. Thats something he doesnt do over aces death. Marines vs pirates is always something present in the story. I think that are some possible reasons for Sabo to fight Akainu. Imagine if post time skip Akainu was revealed to be Pirate King tier (or extremely close). level 2. Would be an interesting turn of events if he does though. It’s the only parallel to the old generation that goes beyond individuals and makes sense.....unlike Coby joining Luffy to fight Blackbeard or stuff like that. Nah, that would just be an insult to Ace who was the best of the 3 brothers and had the fruit for much longer. LUFFY VS AKAINU - ONE PIECE WORLD SEEKER! 3. share. It was aces decision and blackbeards involvement. Akainu adalah seorang pria yang tinggi dan bertubuh kekar, bertinggi seperti laksamana lainnya, dengan fitur wajah keras dan persegi serta berambut hitam cepak. 2 years ago. He managed to land an attack on Luffy, which gave him a huge scar across his chest. Luffy and Sabo are gonna fight Akainu together. He feels that such an individual MUST absolutely be eliminated. Akainu imo isnt displayed as one of luffs big fights. The scar on his chest is testament to that, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Page 2 of 2. Report Save. Discussion . He will never kill anyone on purpose. Akainu VS Big Mom Akainu VS Kaido (Current) Akainu VS Old Whitebeard Akainu VS Prime Garp I vote current Akainu to every single matchup. I wonder how Luffy's gomu-gomu fruit disadvantage to heat will be played out if they fight. level 1. Whitebeard and his fleet lost to the Marines, but this time Luffy and the Straw Hat Grand Fleet would win, I would much rather have Sabo fight akainu to show him that his arrogance of magma being stronger than Fire isn’t gonna cut it and he ends it with a Modified haki based fire fist in ace’s memory, I’m guessing there’s gonna be a Revolutionaries vs. WG war kinda arc and the Straw Hats are gonna get involved near the end of the series (probably before Laugh Tale.). Sorry, this post was deleted by the person who originally posted it. 2 years ago. READ DESCRIPTION!So I couldn't help myself, this trailer took me about 1 hour and jeez it was difficult to do on windows live media player. Discover and Share the best GIFs on Tenor. Don Chinjao also tells Luffy he will have to overcome the emperors and the admirals to achieve his dream. Luffy vs Akainu - One Piece. trzeba było nie dawać 13 latkowi moda 19.08.2017 17:58 : fuszioms Yonkou Liczba postów: 4,305 Dołączył: 17.07.2012 One piece is the highest selling manga of all time. Anime Addict ッ. November 7, 2020 at 5:58 AM Setelannya berwarna merah marun dengan kerah lebar berwarna merah muda bermotif bunga-bunga, terbuka menunjukkan lehernya yang kokoh dan tato besar bermotif bunga di dada kiri hingga ke punda… I think EOS Sabo might fight Akainu or perhaps Dragon vs Akainu I don’t think Luffy will fight him. He holds no desire to bring down akainu and or enect revenge. I can see Luffy clashing with Akainu and then Sabo taking over the fight so Luffy can move on to Im. Press J to jump to the feed. Sabo didn't even kill Burgess when he had a chance and look what happened with that. Going back to Akainu vs. Luffy, the battle is heating up. So I'm guessing Luffy will want to end the World Government at the ending or something, so Akainu will be in Luffy's way at that point because the marines defend the World Government . Luffy Vs Akainu is one of the most waited fight in the anime, many of us can’t wait to see is get animated and read it in One Piece Manga, thanks to AndayGeorge we are going to be able to read the mang, he drew 14+ pages of Monkey D Luffy Vs Akainu Manga.. Report Save. I almost start to feel that akainu has more beef with fujitora. If you've just set sail with the Straw Hat Pirates, be wary of spoilers on this subreddit! He doesn't only kill Ace, causing immense pain to Luffy. There is simply no relationship to be had there, there is a clear power differential on devil fruit and it ignores the themes set up in the story up till today. He was already about to lose it, when Ace died, if Akainu killed Luffy there is nobody on this battlefield who is gonna stop Garp from fisting him. @skysanji: Yah just seconds ago, very impressed with Luffy’s spirit, nice to know about a valuable substance, ... it was only Marco and his crew vs. 3 Admirals, not only Akainu. I also know that Oda may take a different direction and there are also other theories on Akainu, so I would like to hear them and your thoughts overall. I have always considered pre time skip Akainu to be at level of the emperors. Eiichiro Oda, the manga artist of One Piece, is an excellent storyteller who has brought the series to its fame. Apart from the epicness of such a battle, it would also be a huge emotional battle (given the history between the two) and a clash of ideals (absolute justice, pure hate for pirates and control against the pure desire for freedom). Its a fools game. He's about as tall as his fellow admirals, with a square-shaped face, very pronounced facial features, and short black hair. Sengoku wouldn’t be able to hold Garp down. It’s possible that Sabo May make an appearance, but Oda always saves the big victories for Luffy....and this is the biggest possible victory Luffy can have in the series. Also a nice payback for ace and how akainu downplayed his fruit. Discussion . Especially with the introduction of Im. Magma > fire is simply a One Piece fact, not a suggestion. If you want discussion, please sort the subreddit by New. This chapter is supposedly set after Luffy beats Kaido. If you want discussion, please sort the subreddit by New. Imo sabo will beat akainu as its fitting for him who inherited aces will and beat the man who claimed his df was superior. From the East Blue to the New World, anything related to the world of One Piece belongs here! He will prolly reach Admiral level by the end of the fight and can fight Akainu one-on-one. Aces life led to his death akainu was only the instrument. level 1. Follow/Fav Luffy vs Akainu. I agree with your points. I’m sure Akainu would be dead as well. Luffy is not facing Akainu one on one, and it is more of a team effort in a boss fight. Report Save. Luffy is character who believes in all the freedom and romanticism of being a pirate. Luffy vs Akainu Bardzo prawdopodobny scenariusz, uwaga na spojlery! I think Sabo will do killing as he is a savage. If akainu steps in luffys path, surehe geats a beatdown but i dont see him take action before the end which leads to sabo, Sabo fighting him is way more fitting. It would also mirror Marineford, but with the winning side reversed. However, Ace suffers a fatal blow from Akainu and dies. But not the cause. But even going to Luffy vs Smoker. Luffy vs Akainu, fanowski rozdział 1100 . 2. share. Why I think that Luffy vs Akainu is a fight that is very likely to happen. Previous article 10 Amazing Mythical Zoan Devil Fruits That May Debut Later On The Series; Next article Did Aokiji use Future Sight Haki against Whitebeard? 11.2k. He definitely would imo, Ace probably would have wanted luffy to beat the absolute crap out of Akainu but killing? Yes I agree whether it be alone or with Sabo this fight is definitely happening. Full length hand drawn chapter! It doesn't appear in any feeds, and anyone with a direct link to it will see a message like this one. Akainu pursues Ace and Luffy and mocks Ace’s father, Whitebeard. Akainu his Physically Stronger than Luffy, if and I'm sure he has Coa 3.0, it's likely superior to Luffy.. We don't know if Garp used haki against Marco, much less CoA 3.0 Garp is an exception, but I think I actually agree with you, G4 Luffy with the elasticy properties plus Haki might be hard to put down tho, maybe extreme diff is right! In Fishman Island we all see the reaction in Luffy's face when he hears about Akainu. I would be perfectly fine with it, but I can already see a big portion of the fandom going crazy when many already think he isn't even yonko level. Welcome to r/OnePiece, the community for Eiichiro Oda's manga and anime series One Piece. Luffy will let him live. He feels that such an individual MUST absolutely be eliminated. Luffy has insane will and determination to achieve his goals, same goes for Akainu. But I rarely hear people bringing up about Luffy's future meeting with Akainu. I would still enjoy such a fight, though. Luffy VS Akainu has already been built up (ace death and a huge chest scar). Those are end tier villains for Luffy. ? I believe it’s the fight with the most build up in the series besides Blackbeard. He stands at 306 cm (10'), making him taller than other massive characters like Jinbe, who is 301 cm. Sabo will probs be the one to defeat him to prove “fire can burn hotter than magma” or something cheeky like that. I don't see why anyone else would take him down. This chapter is supposedly set after Luffy beats Kaido. Akainu, on the other hand, is a purveyor of "Absolute Justice," declaring that all those who identify as pirates be put under extreme prejudice if not immediate execution. If he was not intended to be the largest hill Luffy has to overcome, Oda would not have let him take so much away from Luffy… I think Sabo vs Akainu could be a possibility. I’m fully expecting a Straw Hats v. Marines, probably at a Mariejois Arc. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Sabo has complete mastery over mera. Sure it hurts thinking about him (the scar) but luffy holds no revenge grudge. I'm pretty curious how it'll go down. Or many, many other moments. Aaaaa, Mam Beke, Usunęłam tylko swoje posty. Akainu is the fleet admiral, the head of the marines. I really can't imagine luffy going all out to kill someone. After dispatch everytime strawhats get clout, Akainu is shown. I often read a lot about how Luffy's big battles will be with Blackbeard or the Celestial Dragons. And, often, Luffy , the outlaw, is the real hero and saviour. 7. share. LUFFY vs AKAINU! It would also be battle of wills. At Marineford, Akainu is absolutely determined to kill Luffy, even if it means letting other pirates escape. A speculation on the final battle between Luffy and the most evil man in the One Piece world. Ace wouldn’t have wanted this? 3 months ago | 23 views. He knows akainu wasnt the one who killed ace. Sakazuki is an incredibly tall, light-skinned, unusually muscular man (the most muscular of the former admirals). Another point can also be Akainu embodying that part of the Marines (and the WG) that are okay with taking the credit for pretty much every good action without doing anything. Luffy is a lot stronger now. Akainu taunts Ace into fighting him and Akainu attempts to kill Luffy. Akainu doesnt directly stand in luffys way. Akainu crashed into a nearby boulder, but quickly jumped to his feet and spat blood on the ground. From Garp and Sengoku (the top marines of the previous era) vs Roger and WB (the top pirates). He is just opposed to cold-blooded execution, not killing in the battle l think. "So who's this Akainu guy that got people scared?" 2 years ago. Sabo seems like a much better fit for a full on fight. Ace actually saves Luffy from death when Akainu was about to hit him. akainu wins easily, luffy got easily manhandle by big mom, and akainu is atleast close to the emperors in fighting power, while luffy and doflamingo are pretty close in strength. Hawkeye. I think so, yes. So, Luffy has a big history with Akainu. If Luffy was opposed to killing then he wouldn't have Zoro on his crew. Luffy flew towards Akainu faster than the speed of light and smashed his fist into the admiral's face. Full length hand drawn chapter! Ace asked. 4 Insulting Whitebeard After seeing Ace die in front of his very own eyes, Luffy suffered a mental breakdown and he couldn't think clearly. It would be a pointless rehash of the mera user being killed by the magma user. LUFFY vs AKAINU! This part is a tad hard to see, but Akainu either dodged the punch or separated his body, allowing the punch to slide through without causing damage. Will Luffy completely lose his shit and go berserker mode? Ace and Luffy grinned in return and all three looked out the window, waiting for something to happen. Ace also had prevented BB from going after Luffy. From the East Blue to the New World, anything related to the world of One Piece belongs here! Previous; 1; 2; Next post; See more. Ia biasa mengenakan setelan khas perwira Angkatan Lautdengan jubah putih yang menggantung dan sering memakai topi sport standar kelautan. Akainu vs Luffy is one of the most anticipated fights of the whole series since Luffy wants revenge for Ace’s death. Even simply hearing about them bothers him that much. He stands in luffys way in that he killed his brother and he’s the embodiment of what’s standing in the way of the world and freedom fym, Sabo is a side character less important than Ace. Post time skip, I think he is even stronger than he was before (the whole thing with Aokiji, the concept of Haki blooming during the most difficult battles etc.). Press J to jump to the feed. AndayGeorge realized his amitious project by drawing 18 pages of Monkey D. Luffy vs Akainu fight. We already have some obvious matchups like: The other important Marines would have to be there too, such as Garp (maybe), Koby, Helmeppo, Smoker, Tashigi, Hina, Jango, Fullbody, etc. Akainu isn't in Luffy's way at the moment but that could change at the end of the series. Luffy never kills. It would be strange to me if Luffy doesn't get to fight a marine before One Piece ends. The perfect Luffy Akainu LuffyVsAkainu Animated GIF for your conversation. By: Eddy13. Ace thought he must of been really strong judging by people's reactions. after returning from timeskip in Fishman Island Jinbei tells Luffy of the two changes, BB becoming Yonko, and Akainu becoming Fleet Admiral. Marineford version of aokiji assuming he became weaker after fight vs akainu.

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